Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG – A New Battle Awaits

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG – A New Battle Awaits

The battle continues in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG, a game that blends engaging mechanics from various genres, according to Gala News. Players are invited to join the fight to regain their kingdom, combining RPG elements with match-3 gameplay.

Dragon Strike, in Brief

In Dragon Strike, combat is primarily match-3 style, where players match colors to power up their Heroes’ abilities. The game requires quick thinking and strategic use of inventory to gain an advantage. The game is available for download on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Regular Events

Dragon Strike features a rotating cycle of events that reward players for specific actions like summoning and recruiting. These events add a strategic layer to the gameplay, encouraging players to plan their resources and time effectively to stay on top of the leaderboard.

Your Town

Players start by fortifying their base, building up a backwater town into a new seat of power. The town includes multiple plots for building and upgrading resources, as well as facilities like the Summoning Portal for recruiting new Heroes and Dragons.

Your Troops

Heroes and Dragons can be summoned to form an army. These units can be leveled up by combining them with similar units, and promotion items can be used to increase their rank. This system allows for significant customization and power scaling.


The campaign mode pits players against the evil Malum, with levels increasing in difficulty and rewards. Upon completing the campaign, a new, more challenging campaign opens up, offering even greater rewards.

Dragon Strike

Dragon Strikes are guild-only events where players team up to defeat powerful Dragon bosses. Coordination and strategy are crucial, as guilds aim to rise on the leaderboards within a limited timeframe.


Alternating with Dragon Strikes, Tournaments offer individual battles for players. Points are awarded based on clear speed and combo size, with rankings determining the rewards.

Dragonspire Tower

Dragonspire Tower is a challenge mode where players climb through increasingly difficult battles, unable to reuse the same Hero or Dragon. Guilds provide a strategic advantage by lending units for these battles.


Dungeons offer a variety of challenges with fixed rewards, rotating on a schedule. Players can dive deeper into dungeons for increasing rewards and compete on leaderboards specific to each dungeon.


The Arena introduces PvP elements, where players set defense teams and battle against others’ teams controlled by the computer. Rankings are based on both offensive and defensive victories.

The Gala Games Leaderboard

The Gala Games Leaderboard ranks players weekly based on their performance in various events, rewarding them with $GALA. Points are multiplied for using NFT Heroes, incentivizing strategic team compositions.

Prepare for Battle

Dragon Strike is free to play and available for download now. Players can start building their armies and preparing for epic battles without any initial investment.

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