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United States of America, 12 June 2024: On May 3rd, 2024, United States (US) author Ready Writer disclosed his new book, “There’s No Middle Ground, You Will Either Run To, Or Run From This Book,” which is now available to the public at Amazon. Thus, in a world full of conflicts and uncertainties, this book is a ray of hope and a guide to enhancing one’s faith.

Book Cover: There's No Middle Ground, You Will Either Run to, or Run from This Book

In a very personal style, the author expresses his emotions and reflects on the inspired word going through such books as Isaiah, Psalms, and Romans. Packed with profound inspiration, this book encourages us to pause and think about our personal religious experiences and discover the values of faith.

Being inspired by an old song, “I can do nothing alone, I’m weak, but my master is strong,” Ready Writer started working on his second book. He prayed and said, “Lord, if your words continue to flow through me, I will continue to write.” He prays and believes that this book could play its role in the eye-opening of the readers and help them lead their spiritual journey.

So, if you are someone who has gone far from faith, this book could become the spiritual guidance that can help you reflect on your life’s challenges and find solace. Get ready for a journey full of spiritual enlightenment as you flip through the pages of this book.

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