Works & Process at Lincoln Center: Ladies of Hip-Hop


Ladies of Hip Hop take the library by storm in our next Works & Process at Lincoln Center premiere! 📖⚡Led by Michele Byrd-McPhee and LaTasha Barnes from Ladies of Hip-Hop, this intersectional project filmed at New York Public Library for the Performing Arts captures the knowledge, beauty, and power of Black female street dancers.

The Black Dancing Bodies Project is an ongoing documentary effort to represent Black women in street and club dance culture (including street and club dance, hip-hop, house dance, Waacking, and Lite Feet) through a series of sessions that include photography and interviews.

Danced by Michele Byrd-McPhee, Ebony Nichols, Tomoe Carr, Nadine Sylvestre, Tatiana Desardouin, Lenaya Straker, Oluwatoyin Sogunro, Reyna Nunez, Miyabi Wright, LaTasha Barnes, Deborah Conton, and filmed by Loreto Jamling.

Major support provided by First Republic Bank


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