Where to Ride Gravel in Catskills Part 2: Catskill Scenic Trail


What is gravel? Where is gravel? Where to ride? These are metaphysical questions that Fandi is dealing with on daily basis. We went to the Catskills and found the answer in Catskill Scenic Trail.

This is the second part of our first ride outside NYC after state of New York entered Phase One of Reopening. After staying in Woodstock and exploring Ashokan Reservoir, we went deeper into the Catskills region and explored the Catskill Scenic Trail. It is one of those former railroads that are abandoned and now turned into a recreational trail that goes through rural farmland areas. The trail goes through Bloomville, South Kortright, Stamford, Hobart, Grand Gorge and Roxbury, but we only did half of it in this video.

Hudson Valley, you have a competition!

24.5 Miles | 314 Feet of Elevation | 2.5 Hours
Download the GPX here: https://www.escapingconcretejungle.com/s/Escaping-Concrete-Jungle-Catskill-Scenic-Trail.gpx
We love biking and we love New York City, but biking in the city is not always fun. Join Fandi and Lisa for a short escape; we are always on the hunt for short getaways out of the hustle and bustle of New York City. We love exploring new places so come join our adventure!
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