What Is The Wordle Answer Today? #434 Hints & Tips For Saturday, August 27


It’s finally the weekend, and what better way to kick if off than with a Wordle puzzle for August 27? I, for one, like being able to keep my brain active – even when the rest of my body is relaxing after a long work week. That’s the great thing about brain teasers like Wordle! You can keep up a bit of daily challenge for yourself, no matter how arduous the previous day may have been.

Wordle has maintained its popularity ever since it went viral earlier in the pandemic, and for good reason. Along with its aforementioned benefits as a brain teaser, it has also taught a lot of us a number of new words. While you may not be dropping “egret” anytime soon, it’s safe to say that we’ve all discovered a fun new word to work into our daily lexicon!


So, if you’re ready to tackle August 27’s Wordle challenge, keep reading for our hints for solving the puzzle! We’ll have the final answer reveal at the bottom, just in case you need it.

Wordle Hints & Tips For Friday, August 27

Today’s Wordle is an adjective, meaning “ill-mannered” or “impolite.” It’s a common word, used to describe people who act mean-spirited or with disrespect (often for no reason). Think how you would describe someone cutting in front of you in line, or someone interrupting you mid-conversation.

It’s also important to note that this word is a comparative adjective. Comparative adjectives are used to compare two people or things. This affects the spelling of the word – think “fast” versus “faster,” or “strong” versus “stronger.” Combine this with the definition, and you’ll be able to figure out the correct form of the Wordle!

For our final hints, the August 27 Wordle starts with an “R” and ends with an “R“. As you can see, this word contains a repeated letter (that’s where the comparative adjective comes in!). You’ll also have to contend with two vowels; however, one of them is English’s most used vowel, so you should be able to figure it out with most starting guesses. The other is less common, so try and guess words similar to “ADIEU” or “BOULE” to eliminate as many vowels at once!

What Is The Wordle Answer Today? (Friday, August 27)

The answer to today’s puzzle in Wordle is “RUDER“.

“Ruder” is a bit of an extra tricky one for Wordle, isn’t it? The comparative adjective form makes it harder to think of this particular spelling, as many will have the base word “rude” in mind before “ruder.” On which guess did you finally solve the puzzle? Did this spelling trip you up? Let us know in the comments below!

Check back tomorrow for a new guide on the day’s Wordle puzzle. As always, the game will update at midnight your local time on the NY Times website. Happy weekend Wordle-ing!

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