Wall st To Main st


Masters on Main Street is hosting a dynamic art project linking Occupy Wall Street and the world, via the small town of Catskill, NY. Main Street’s vacant storefronts come alive with over 50 visual art and design exhibits, performances, workshops and panel discussions from the opening date on March 17 through May 31st. Visit opening day exhibits on Saturday, March 17 from 2-5 and party at BRIK Gallery,473 Main Street from 5-8.

Wall Street to Main Street is a collaborative presentation working with individual artists, curators and organizers from the Occupy Wall Street Arts and Culture Working Group. The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has focused its energy on justice for the 99%. Wall Street to Main Street, a project facilitated by Occupy With Art, offers a platform for creative expression and dialogue focusing attention on a struggling community through a ten-week festival of experiences designed to engage, educate and inspire.


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