Video of Blue Mountain Campground, NY from Elizabeth A.


Discussing bathrooms Not sanitary especially since we still in a pandemic 😷 didn’t even want my shoes to touch this nasty floor and it was like this everyday they don’t clean

Elizabeth A.’s Review on The Dyrt:

▶︎ The worst campsite with the rudest employees
Seen my Google review has been hidden so the public eye don’t see it now I’ll be going on all platforms showing what a disappointment the campground is As you can see how the owners of this business respond to any low rating review with aggression& sarcasm. Their favorite line is“thank you for taking the time to respond but if you’re going to tell the story tell the story right”. Worst experience ever and the customer service here is trash just like this location. Bathrooms are barely cleaned and let’s be reminded we are still in a pandemic it should be cleaned frequently. You can tell and feel prejudiced vibes. And to clear up the story the owners were harassing us since yesterday8/8/2021. God forbid we were having a good time. Came to our campsite to shut the music off by 8 mind you quiet time is 11 pm see attachment. Tony came over to let us know we were a bit loud and Melanie came abruptly using profanity in front of the children. We all went to sleep and were uncomfortable in how she spoke to us. This morning she came out of no where and asked when we were leaving. We had reservations till Tuesday8/10/2021. She said we were kicked off and needed us to leave within an hour. We’re a large group with small children. The police understood that and didn’t give us a hard time. We weren’t escorted out. They agreed with us and told us to take are time. I really wish I can upload videos*** Dont recommend this location

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