Universe Within Podcast Ep 93 – Angell Deer – Shamanism, Forestry, Medicine, & Service


Universe Within Podcast Ep 93 – Angell Deer – Shamanism, Forestry, Medicine, & Service

Hey everybody! Episode 93 of the show is out. In this episode, I spoke with my friend Angell Deer. Angell and I met last year when he hosted myself and my colleague, Merav Artzi, where we ran plant-medicine retreats at his wonderful property, The Sanctuary. So I enjoyed being able to sit down with Angell and learn more about his story, what brought him into this work, and what he has to share. He’s had a varied life and has an interesting perspective drawing from his own life experience and having worked in many traditions. I think you’ll get a lot out of Angell’s sharing and his wisdom. As always, to support this podcast, get early access to shows, bonus material, and Q&As, check out my Patreon page below. Enjoy!

“After a career that scaled the heights of corporate success as a CEO of global companies, I reached a turning point in my life – material success and trappings had not necessarily made me really happy or fulfilled. I had a big degree, a big job, and success that most people aspire for, but I was not happy. I decided to completely change my life and embarked on a journey of self-exploration and meditation that took me from working with Mother Teresa’s mission in India, to the jungles of Peru in search of finding meaning in life and fulfillment beyond the material demands of society today. Through seeking to transform my own life to live with a higher purpose, I made a life-changing commitment to helping others in their search for peace, harmony, and happiness.

During the last 10 years and my transformative journeys across Asia & South America, I had rare opportunities to study and meditate with master healers and teachers of all faiths. I am trained in Shamanism, Reiki & Medical Reiki, Sufi Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, Herbalism, and Breathwork.

The big transformation happened many years ago when I started to dive into the plant world with my teacher in Peru & shamanic work with Native American & Norse traditions. I started to work with specific energies and Spirits who channel to me the healing I am using today. This method mix channeling, somatic energy work, breathwork, runes, and connection to Divine masters (Archangel Michael and Christ most frequently) through prayers. It is a very powerful energy healing that can give profound results on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma. This journey of transformation is never-ending, for me too.

In 2015, I opened The Sanctuary Healing Center on my property in the Catskills where I do in-depth work with my clients, host workshops, and cultivates the land for organic vegetable farming, medicinal plants, and honey bees.”

To contact or learn more about Angell and The Sanctuary, visit his website at: https://www.thesanctuaryheal.com/

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