Traveling I-95 North Roadtrip – Richmond, Washington, Philadelphia, UpState NY


If you want to go directly to the cities we shot, heres the times, Jacksonville (4:03), Rocky Mount, NC (6:13), Roanoake Rapids (7:09), Richmond, VA (8:51), Washington, DC (11:03), Wilmington, DE (14:24), Philadelphia, PA (15:01), Poughkeepsie, NY (19:55)

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In this video we are going to travel from Florida to Upstate NY, as we start to film our major videos the fall colors of Vermont, New Hampshire, & Maine, perhaps give you some ideas for your next roadtrip up north. We are going to show Jacksonville, Rocky Mount North Carolina, a great bike route in Roanaoke Rapids, which follows the Underground Railroad. We’ll then explore Richmond, up to our nations capital to a mall where there is no shopping, but plenty of Inspiration. We then travel north to Wilmington Delaware and the City that used to be our nations capital. We head along the northeast corridor passing Newark and New York, and travel north to the Catskills and Poughkeepsie New York. Because we have to move fast, we wont do the full features on the city like we normally do, but show you some of the city and rest areas along the way, give some hotel info, and tips if you are traveling north in the eastern US. So hop in the Yukon with us as we leave the Sub Tropics of Florida and head to the fall colors of Upstate New York


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