Travel Vlog | Getaway in Catskills, Cabin Life for 3 Days | 여행 브이로그 | 캠핑 브이로그


If you are already familiar with the cabin concept, Getaway was one of the first ones to introduce this concept – a container turned cabin. I didn’t have much expectations prior because I saw so many posts about it on social media but it has definitely exceeded my expectations. Every corner of the cabin was easy to access, function-able, yet minimalist.

We took the train there so we knew we were going to leave the compound once we got dropped off. Knowing that, we prepared our meals at home to feed ourselves in the cabin for 2 nights and 3 days. If I were to go back, I would be confident bringing more fresh ingredients because the cabin was so well prepared with cooking wares, stove, and a decent kitchen counter top. The prepared olive oil, salt and pepper. The olive oil is available for restock upon request. (Can’t say no to instant noodles in the woods so I will be sure to pack those again!)

This space really forced us to work around what we have. Can’t recommend this place enough if you’re looking for an escape to disconnect to reconnect. Check out a location near you –

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