The Devil’s Path : Hiking The Hardest and Most Dangerous Trail in the East


The Devil’s Path in the Catskills of New York is said to be one of the hardest and most dangerous hikes on the East Coast!

The standard Devil’s Path covers 5 of the Catskill 3500 Mountains over the corse of 24 miles and about 8660 feet of elevation gain.

The 5 True Summits on the Catskill 3500 List that the standard Devils Path Covers are..

1. Indian Head Mountain 3,573′
2. Twin Mountain 3,652′
3. Sugar Loaf Mountain 3,806′
4. Plateau Mountain 3,840′
5. West Kill Mountain 3,880′

My friend Jason and I decided to make it even harder and add Hunter Mountain Fire Tower, Southwest Hunter, North Dome and Mount Sherrill! It took the totals to 32 Miles and 11,000 feet of elevation gain. North Dome and Sherrill do not have trails and need to be bushwhacked at the end of a hard day! Be prepared for mosquitos and Nettles ( A plant that burns like a ****)
I call this hike the Devils Path Ultra with Sprinkles.

The additional 4 mountains we added to this hike ( Sprinkles ) are also Catskill 3500 Mountains

6. Hunter Mountain Fire Tower 4,026′
7. Southwest Hunter 3,740’
8. North Dome 3,610′
9. Mount Sherrill 3,550’

If you are an exceptionally strong hiker this is a good way to knock off 9 of the Catskill 3500 Mountains in one hike!

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Tips for people just getting into hiking:

Don’t do this hike if you are a beginner! Seriously

LNT – leave no trace. Meaning if you carry it in then carry it out and if you do see trash on trail try to carry it out as well to help keep these mountains beautiful and clean.

Do The Rock Hop – The Alpine vegetation is very rare and very fragile so when you’re on the summit of these mountains please only walk on bare rocks to avoid killing the vegetation!
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