The Crew 2 Season 6 Update Patch Notes Today (July 6)


A brand new update for The Crew 2 is now live across all supported platforms and brings with it the beginning of Season 6 Episode 1 with some brand new content and big changes.

If you’re on a next-gen console such as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, today’s update brings some huge visual improvements, as well as the ability to play at 60FPS. Don’t worry if you’re on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One though, as there are still plenty of improvements and new content to jump into too.

Check out the official patch notes for the latest The Crew 2 update further down this article to find out what’s new in the brand new season.


The Crew 2 Season 6 Patch Notes For July 6

Below you will find the official patch notes for the July 6 The Crew 2 update, which marks the beginning of Season 6 Episode 1 with the following changes:



  • [Added] 6 New Motorsports Parks.
    • 18 New events across 2 Episodes
      • 7 Time-Attack races
      • 2 “Points” Events

Vanity Items

  • [Added] 115 new vanity items – to be released throughout the Season in the shop, as LIVE Summit rewards, or in the Motorpass (58).
    • 8 horns
    • 18 Nitros
    • 2 Suits
    • 2 Helmets
    • 16 Rooftops
    • 15 Smokes
    • 27 Tires
    • 19 Underglows
    • 8 Window tints
  • [Fixed] The so-called “WiP Jacket” has been updated with a final texture.
  • [Fixed] The “Imported Smoke” vanity is not working when equipped on bikes.
  • [Fixed] The Rocket Co. underglow is too wide when equipped on bikes.
  • [Fixed] The flickering effect on the Nightfall underglow is static.
  • [Fixed] [PS4/5][Stadia] Rooftop vanities are not displayed on the following cars:
    • McLaren Senna
    • Proto Lucky-One
    • Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe
    • Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo


  • [Added] 19 LIVE Summits including:


  • [Fixed] Stars animations were not aligned after completing a hobby


  • [Added] 2 new Motorpasses.
  • [Added] Followers gain – based challenges

Activity Menu

  • [Added] “Season 6: Dominion Forsberg” section in the Motorflix activity menu.
  • [Added] “What to Play” tile introducing a selection of activities to play (Note: a small fraction of players will not see this tile by design until a future update)

Drift Menu

  • [Improved] Destructible props (benches, trash cans, light posts) do not break your drift combo.
  • [Improved] Added 0.5s of time between two drift before scoring it (from 1.5 s to 2s) to for easier momentum and point scoring


  • [Added] New PvP events, refer to our dedicated blog for more info.
  • [Added] New Photo mode weather presets, (old weathers have been updated and newer ones have been added).
  • [Added] Players can now watch previous Motorpass videos in “Previously in Motorflix”.


New Vehicles

  • [Added] 20 New Vehicles
  • [Fixed] Exclusive or Motorpass vehicles should not have the “promo tag” enabled.
  • [Fixed] Nissan GTR-R35 first and third spoilers were slightly not centred.
  • [Fixed] The nitro effect was not displayed on the KTM X-BOW GTX when rear bumpers 3 and 4 are equipped.
  • [Fixed] The right-side mirror #2 on the Ford Mustang GT 2011 is untextured.
  • [Fixed] The Ducati Panigale R tachometer was out of sync with the UI one when switching gears.
  • [Fixed] The rim colour on the Porsche Carrera GT Green Flash Edition is changing above a certain speed threshold.
  • [Fixed] ARB sliders are missing in the Pro Settings menu for the KTM X-BOW R (AGP)
  • [Fixed] The rear wing of the McLaren Senna was not behaving as expected
  • [Fixed] The stock rims of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar are growing to an exaggerated level when performance parts are equipped.
  • [Fixed] The Ford Focus RS had no option to equip roof vanity items.
  • [Fixed] The right exhaust of the Nissan 300ZX (Z32) has a reverse nitro animation.
  • [Fixed] The Mazda RX-7 Turbo 10th Anniversary has no option to equip window tints.
  • [Fixed] The rear wing # 1 of the Ferrari Enzo was not behaving as expected.



  • [Added] New main menu.
  • [Added] New “American Legends” landing page and start menu videos.
  • [Added] New HQ Bus and new world billboard posters.

World (Visual & Audio)


  • [Added] Two new Drift Tutorial events on a new Drift Playground.
  • [Added] New drifting Tips on all Drift events unlocked at “Popular” level
  • [Improved] AI rebalancing (following RX handling update).
  • [Fixed] Exploit allowing to generate extra points in Aerobatics.
  • [Fixed] LIVE platform is misplaced in Latrell’s Car Part 2.
  • [Fixed] Roswell event (Rally Raid) has seen some of its checkpoints changed due to the implementation of a Playground on the global map. (Leaderboards will be reset).


  • [Added] Added 6 new Motorsports Parks (or racetrack)
  • [Fixed] Floating / Misplaced lighting posts have been adjusted.
  • [Fixed] A fence was stuck in the road during the St-George Street Race.
  • [Fixed] An empty gap is present between a building and the pavement in northern Seattle.
  • [Fixed] The umbrella in the first step of Lucky Guy 4 is misplaced.
  • [Fixed] Pedestrians are hovering over Malibu beach.
  • [Fixed] The Chicago Navy Pier sign displays a wrong name on the other side.


  • [Added] 60 FPS mode on new-gen platforms, more detailed info available here.
  • [Added] Various visual improvements and techs.
  • [Fixed] Promotion Timer was broken under certain conditions in the HQ.
  • [Fixed] Created liveries disappear from the “My livery” tab after restarting the game and need to be purchased.

Known Issues

  • [PS5] When activating the Performance mode with certain screens, visual artifacts may occur.
  • ICON 9999 Players cannot complete any Weekly Motorpass challenge – a compensation has been issued
  • The splash screen displayed the first time you open the Motorpass menu shows inaccurate information regarding free and premium vehicles.

For further details on the July 6 The Crew 2 update, make sure to visit the official Ubisoft website.

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