Strange New York – Grafton Peace Pagoda


April 12th 2014
Another beautiful day and we find ourselves looking for a travel destination so we open the pages of Weird New York and find one of the most unique travel locations. The Peace Pagoda in Grafton, New York was the day trip we chose.

We started on the North Way and traveled to Route Two. After a quick coffee break we traveled to Troy heading east. Once we made it into Grafton we started searching for signs pointing us in the right direction. The sign is small but noticeable. We started off onto a side road and found the peace pagoda.

There is no parking and the only place for vehicles is road side (they do make exceptions for wheelchairs). We didn’t know what to expect. We know little about the Buddhist religion and didn’t want to do anything disrespectful, so with that on our minds we started down a small winding woodland path that would lead to the Peace Pagoda.

After passing several cairns and other rock formations we entered open field and directly in front of us was the Peace Pagoda in all its glory. The hug white and gold structure stood out against the brown, early spring forest that surrounded it. It was really amazing sight, gleaming under the sunny blue sky.

We quietly made our way around the structure which had relief sculpture around depicting events in the life of Buddha. Another person told about a shrine nearby and told us to make sure we visited it. So once we completed the walk around on the pagoda we made our way into the shrine where we met with the caretaker and others.

We were offered tea and spoke with the people there. One man remembers the construction of the pagoda and I asked him several questions about how the building as made. We stayed for much longer than we had planned but the conversation was good and we really enjoyed the setting. The people there made us feel at ease and relaxed.

If you decide to visit bring something to offer. Food stuff is accepted but they also have dish for cash. It is quite a place to visit and unique; it is one of only two in the United States. Great place!

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