Star Wars KOTOR Remake Reportedly Indefinitely Delayed


The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) remake has been reportedly delayed indefinitely. 

According to a report by Bloomberg, the KOTOR remake which is being developed by Aspyr Media has run into major development troubles. 

According to the report, Aspyr created a vertical slice demo to show the executives at Sony and Lucasfilm. A vertical slice remake is essentially a brief look at all the intended features of a game in action. During the subsequent week after the vertical slice demo was shown off, art director Jason Minor and design director Brad Prince were both fired from Aspyr Media. 


Minor posted on his LinkedIn regarding his dismissal, “Things can change very fast in a day. I am no longer working at Aspyr and looking for work. If anyone has some leads or suggestions, please DM me. Thanks.”

Apparently, the higher-ups at Aspyr Media were displeased with the state of the vertical slice and the cost of making it. There was also anger regarding the projected release date of the remake, as it was internally planned to release at the end of 2022 but it now seems like 2025 is a more realistic release window for the title. 

The status of the KOTOR remake is unclear, but Aspyr Media may now be seeking new projects as they are reportedly being moved off the development of the remake (via PCGamer). Potential new homes for the remake include other Embracer Group entities such as Saber Interactive

Aspyr Media is best-known for porting games other developers have developed, such as when they brought Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to the Nintendo Switch. Whether the studio is continuing work on the KOTOR remake or beginning anew on a different project, remains to be seen.

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