Samsung US early Black Friday deals include discounted foldables, Galaxy S models and Tab S8 slates


Singles’ Day is not (yet) a traditional shopping holiday in the US, so you can call these early Black Friday deals if you wish. Either way, here are some special offers from Samsung US (note: the deals are available only from the links below and won’t appear if you just visit

We’ll start off with the foldables. Right now in the US you can’t get something like the Galaxy Z Fold4 from any of Samsung’s competitors, it’s the only fish in that particular sea. It’s not cheap, but the $350 straight discount and up to $1,000 of enhanced trade-in credit go along way towards making the price tag easier to swallow.

Samsung changed up the offer this time around so that those who don’t have an old device to send in are less disadvantaged – they will get a bigger $450 discount.

Then there is its smaller sibling, the Galaxy Z Flip4. For this one, Samsung knocks $150 off the price and will give you up to $600 in enhanced trade-in credit. If you haven’t seen this before, “enhanced” here means that you can send more than one device (including tablets and smartwatches) and the company will even accept phones with a cracked screen. Have a look at the Bespoke Edition too, it lets you customize the exterior of the Flip to your liking.

The Z Flip4 also has a no trade-in deal, the discount goes up to $200 in that case.

If you are still not sold on foldables, there is always the S-series. The Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra are all available with a combination of discount and enhanced trade-in credit, though with different amounts. The Ultra, being the priciest of the bunch also gets the most help – $225 off and up to $700 credit.

But before you say “yes” to one of the S22s, check out the Galaxy S21 FE. The price is discounted by $100 directly and you can get up to $350 credit. It is 2021 hardware, but it is an affordable way to get a flagship-class device (and will get 4 OS updates, same as the S22 models).

If you are all set on phones or are biding your time until the S23 series arrives, how about a tablet? Samsung is discounting select Galaxy Tab S8 models by $300 (no trade-in credit for these, however).

Finally, a freebie for people buying a Galaxy Buds2 Pro – a free wireless charger. This can be used to charge the carrying case of the buds and will also charge compatible phones, of course (all the Galaxy S and Z models above are supported).

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