Precious Gorgeous & The Blues In Bloom-Tension


This live performance of “Tension” is our submission for the 2021 Tiny Desk Competition. Written and composed by Ralf Jean-Pierre AKA Precious Gorgeous, arrangements by Wesley Harper on keys, David Coit on drums, and Alex P Wernquest on guitar. Recorded at Basement Floods Studios in Catskill, NY.

I’d rather just crawl if i fall/
don’t care if I lose, I ball/
so throw me that ball, I’m warm/
and Imma play hard tonight-tension!/
What fall back plan, I/
don’t fall on my back, Nah/
wanna see where I land, I/
wanna feel it and laugh-tension!/
Don’t dare tell me to beware/
I all ever had was a hope and a prayer/
Lord, prepare me to die right here/
I’ll die broke but I won’t die scared-tension!/
Don’t tell me what I have to do/
mama can’t tell me nuthin, I’m terrible/
and l’m my own drummer I’m dancing to/
and Imma go bang all summer-tension!/

You wanted it all for yourself/
But you scared to go to war with yourself/
You wanted it easy/
That’s when it all went to hell/

Wanna tattle on every rapper use a bad word?/
who a dope boy or a trapper?/
cuz the children our future & black lives matter/
The big pic ya don’t tag us-tension!/
She feel like a woman, she know she independent/
she wanna show what she could do/
she wanna know what your strength is/
she love the war of the sexes, hehe-tension!/
And it feel like every feeling you feel gonna make ya burst/
and if you feel any more it’s gonna make it worse/
you know they go through so much pain it hurts/
it’s like hope doesn’t work-tension!/
Talkin’ bout “follow your dreams but at the same time..”/
how you do two things at the same time?/
life tears you apart if you a great mind/
it’s really from your heart, it should break mine-tension!/


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