Peekamoose Waterfalls in the Catskills


There are 6 waterfalls visible from Peekamoose Road in the Catskills. And possibly more as 3 of the 6 are on private land which for all we know could be harboring even more waterfalls hidden from view.

Of the 6 waterfalls, I went and photographed three. I came hoping to visit 4 but couldn’t locate the 4th. It turned out I just needed to walk 0.1 mile in the opposite direction of waterfall #3 from where I parked my car. I was literally there but looking in the opposite direction.

So, if rubbernecking’s your thing, these waterfalls leave you no excuse to not get off the couch because you won’t have to leave your car either to experience the wilds of the Catskills along a 5-minute, 2.8-mile stretch of road.

Copy-and-paste these GPS coordinates into Google Maps to find the nearest parking lots for 4 waterfalls on Peekamoose Road:

Waterfall 1: 41 55.443’N 74 24.808’W
Waterfall 2: 41 55.423’N 74 24.235’W
Waterfalls 3 & 4: 41 55.488’N 74 23.662’W

Guidebook and reference: “New York Waterfalls” (2010) by Scott E. Brown
Music: “Morning Valleys” by Colorfilm Music, “Newborn Dreams” by Monad


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