NYC INFLUENCERS ARE LYING TO YOU| watch this before moving here


Shortly after moving into New York City, the Big Apple, the city that seriously never shuts tf up… I realized my expectations were a lot higher based on my previous experience working in the city during my editorial internships and posting for YouTube and Instagram during branded events and NYFW. Since life has slowed down tremendously professionally, I find myself stuck in a job I am grateful to have that just pays the bills. Whether you’re an influencer or not, you still have to make sacrifices to live here. The cost of living is still high even though we are in the middle of a “panini” and rent is significantly lower. I even find myself contemplating my next move to Texas or California…

Until my lease is up… I’ll be here finding new ways to enjoy NYC in 2021! Stay tuned to see where this life takes me!


(it’s a lot more interesting than you think)

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