Niagara Falls,NY Travel Vlog 2021 Part 1 | Catering a Birthday Dinner during Covid


Niagara Falls, NY Travel Vlog 2021 Part 1 | Lunch at Fuji Hibachi Grill | Aunt Ann 50TH Birthday

We went to Niagara Falls to visit family and celebrate aunt Ann’s 50TH birthday. While we were down there we wanted to sell platters and really let new york taste our food.

We took the train down there. it was a 12 hour train ride. Brutal. However i always love riding through cities’ and enjoying the view. we left Philadelphia at 6am and got to Niagara Falls around 7pm.

As soon as we got there we had to start getting ready for the birthday party. We were also catering for the event so we had a few last minute errands to run.

Of course we had some Niagara Falls staples like there pizza and subs.

Mama Karen blessing us with her fish Fry recipe.
*New Orleans seasoned Fish fry* breading mix.

I actually had a lot of stuff to make this event! So I was excited about that. Came up with a few new recipes that turned out to be a hit

Watch us get ready for the party, cook, turn up.

Beaver Seeds - Get Out and Grow Spring Sasquatch 300x250

The next day we went shopping at Tops for snacks. Then later in the day we went out to Lunch with cousin Sabrina and Maddie at Fuji Grill. We also stoped at Sams club to get takeout containers.
I was hype! That was my first time in sams club.

…… and As always family, thanks for watching.

Some places we visited in part 1 in Niagara Falls & Buffalo New York was

Super market liquor store
American Legion
Tips super market
Fuji Grill
Sams Club

Please stay tuned for more vlogs

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