New York's Water Supply System: A Study in the Monumental


Originally presented April 12, 2005.

NYC’s water system is a study in the monumental. Physical monuments like The High Bridge, carrying the Old Croton Aqueduct across the Harlem River, survive as reminders of the visionaries who conceived and constructed this lifeline to the city’s growing population. The Third Water Tunnel, largely unseen by the general public and still being burrowed beneath city streets, represents a monumental feat of technology, engineering and construction. This forum celebrates the 100th anniversary of NYC’s modern system. Co-sponsored by the High Bridge Coalition, panelists will examine historic and contemporary aspects of the water supply infrastructure and its impact on our great city. Moderator: Gerard Koeppel, author, Water for Gotham. Panelists: Joel A. Miele Sr., P.E., Former Commissioner, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Diane Galusha, author, Liquid Assets, Robert Kornfeld, Jr., AIA, Vice President, Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct, Representative from NYC Department of Transportation, Bridge Division, Representative from Local 147 Tunnel Workers Union.


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