New Orleans' Abandoned Prison – Closed Since Hurricane Katrina


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In this episode, we explore an abandoned prison tower that has been closed since Hurricane Katrina. This building was known as the Community Correctional Center and it was one of many at the Orleans Parish Prison that flooded during the storm. Inside, inmates were locked in and essentially abandoned for up to 3 days with no food or water.

Here are the 400 testimonials from inmates who were inside the prison, if you want you can enter “community correctional center” in the search box to see only testimonies from inmates who were in the particular building we explored:

Another good read, this document talks about the suspension of habeas corpus following the storm and the collapse of New Orlean’s justice system which lead to many inmates arrested for extremely minor offenses to spend several months behind bars:

Finally here is a documentary from the BBC called “Prisoners of Katrina” that we highly recommend:


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