Nahko And Medicine For The People – Give It All (Official Audio)


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Time to pull out my paints
Brand new canvas get things straight
There are no lines here
Double rainbows make great lakes
Koda spoke Anishinaabe
She is a key, Bear
Let her open
Everywhere I see is stress
Wonder what we gonna lose next
Well it won’t be sweet love cause,
It’s my lesson it’s my teacher
Malcolm X or Martin Luther
And I am neither
Perfect world what is this?
Does it even exist?
And would I live there?

If I can learn to be alone
I will always have a home.

Give it all you got.
Give it all you got.
All you’ve gained and all you’ve lost.
And that’s a lot. Yeah, that’s a lot.

Know the road like dharma bums
From the Catskills to old San Juan
With just an atlas – well it was magic.
Thank you Paul for those directions
Oh, the bridge ore Indian Ocean
Those troubled waters, no longer silenced
In the dreaming Uluru I heard brumbies singing to me
And casting lines to Palestine
And Aotearoa, my wairua
It’s nice to know a life like that
From the Mauna, Standing Rock
There were moments I got lost
Denominators, so fuck the haters
Pa’akai​ down Ecuador, standing room on the jungle floor
Can’t take our language, can’t drink the oil
Lost a baby, lost a friend
Some days my family’s lost again
To the trauma, to the war

That’s how I learned to be alone
Coming from a broken home
That’s how I learned to be alone
Coming from a broken home

Give me all you got
Give me all you got
We’ll make stories, we’ll make love
And that’s enough, yeah, that’s enough


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