Michael Franks – To Spend The Day With You (song video)


Michael Franks – The Music in My Head (Shanachie, 2018)
5. To Spend The Day With You (composed by Michael Franks)
Whoever said this world is too much with us
Late and soon was right
His words are worth repeating
Anytime a cloud obscures the light
When blue invades my palette
That’s the moment I retreat with you
If we’re considered recluses, so what!
‘Cause I don’t care, do you?

Let’s stay home we’ll twist and shout
We can say the power’s out
It doesn’t matter what we do
I just want to spend the day with you
Let’s call in sick like others do
Say we don’t want to catch the flu
I really don’t care what we do
I just want to spend the day with you

Whoever said this world only appears
To be a land of dreams
Was sailing straight for true
Unless the dream is starring you and me
Love’s still my drug of choice
My heart rejoices every time I see
The image of your face
As it comes near in sweet proximity
– – –
Produced and arranged by Scott Petito
– – –
Piano & Keyboards: Rachel Z
Guitars: David Spinozza
Bass: Scott Petito
Drums: Ben Perowsky
Saxophone: Bob Mintzer
Percussion: Manuel Quintana
Background Vocals: Veronica Nunn & Leslie Ritter
– – –
Recorded by Scott Petito
NRS Recording Studio, Catskill, NY
– – –
I wouldn’t get inspired and work this song video without
the free stock videos at Pexels.com, so!
Many thanks to the following cool video-makers:
Bruce Iam, Pixabay, Tom Fisk, Free Videos,
Miguel Valencia, Coverr, Asad Photo Maldives,
Cottonbro, Tim Savage, Anton Antons, Life Of Pix,
Dhruv Ray, Videogrammer, Fabio Monteiro,
Hans Muggesen, Jessica Politi, Suraphat Nuea-on,
Ruvim Miksanskiy, and Jon DeTray.


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