Joint Replacement Surgery | What is the Stryker Mako System, Part II?

Orthopedic surgeon Chris Gorczynski, Columbia Memorial Health in Hudson, NY, explains the Stryker Mako robotic surgical system.

In this video, Dr. Gorczynski briefly explains how the Mako robotic total joint replacement system works and how the preparation, planning, and the preoperative CT scan all work together to ensure an accurate and succesful joint replacement procedure.

Video transcription:
2. Joint Replacement Surgery | What is the Stryker Mako System, Part II?
Dr. Chris Gorcyznski: This is a sophisticated navigation and robotic joint replacement system.
It involves a three-part process, preoperative planning based off of a CT scan where we virtually perform the surgery before we ever enter the operating room.
The second step involves an optical navigation system where we registered a patient’s anatomy and we demonstrate soft tissue balance in anticipation of the third part of surgery, which is a robotic arm controlled resection of the bone.
We’re talking about a millimeter here, or a degree there, and it many times does not
take much of a change to achieve beautiful soft tissue balance.
Prior to this system, we had no way to measure it, and we had no way to adjust these parameters.

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