January 17, 2019 Arrest video, Scott Myers


This is the video of my arrest after the monthly Greene County Legislator’s meeting. Near the end, I simply asked if there was a chance for public comment. The video shows Coxsackie Representative Charles Martinez and Patrick Handel, who represent the area benefiting from the new jail construction. Greene County Deputy Arp is seen pushing me against the wall and then into the hall – off camera, which is against all required protocol. The comments on the complaints by Chair Patrick Linger show his inability to correct the county’s deep errors, spending money they don’t have on a large jail that’s not justifiable.

Greene County’s rated a “worst offender” by the State Commission of Corrections. https://scoc.ny.gov/pdfdocs/Problematic-Jails-Report-2-2018.pdf The new $90 million debt obligation has no budget for program for detainees.

No police reform occurred, not after the 20 ATI meetings and not after 3 of the 4 Police Review Committee meetings. There’s no honest discussion to reduce or eliminate the Village of Catskill police, which has 24 deputies and costs $2 million out of our $4 million annual budget.

Village of Catskill Trustee Vincent Seeley (who says he’s the mayor but there is no mayor position here) suppressed Black Lives Matters in horrific ways. He allowed the demolition of 80 Bridge St., the historic Sheriff’s Office. Nothing was significantly wrong with the building. Fortunately, he left the county, perhaps permanently. Good!

A federal civil rights case is underway for suppression, another for the abuse of myself and my family after we evacuated Lower Manhattan due to 9/11.

We were reattacked by Greene County.

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