How our Bruderhof community welcomes babies


At the Danthonia Bruderhof, where we live, several families have recently welcomed babies. As a community, we share in celebrating the joy each new life brings. In this video, we describe how we welcome babies into the wider family of community, and join the parents in working to nurture and protect each child.

About us: We’re the parents of three sons and live at Danthonia Bruderhof, a Christian community in northern New South Wales, Australia, and enjoy discussing our faith, family, food (Norann’s an awesome cook!), and the day-to-day adventures of life in “the bush”.

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More about the Bruderhof community where we live:

Norann is a regular contributor to the Bruderhof website’s “Voices” blog:

Norann & Chris are both contributing authors for the Bruderhof’s publishing house, Plough, and its magazine, Plough Quarterly.

0:00 intro
1:12 why it’s important to welcome babies
1:53 community sings to a new arrival
2:45 dedication service
4:01 our church’s commitment to caring for children
5:12 prioritizing children
6:41 our family’s experience
6:59 ways we all can nurture children
8:08 join the conversation!

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