Home Movies, 1959-1962, Massapequa Zoo, Catskill Game Farm


Here are a few of my family’s home movies. The first 85 seconds is a trip to the Massapequa Zoo on Long Island in 1959, then the two minutes after that is the MZ a year later. Included with the animal footage are shots of the funhouse doors and mirrors, the cooking pot for bad children, and a glimpse of a car ride. From about 3:24 to the end, it’s the Catskill Game Farm in 1962, with shots of the Wild Cattle Ranch sign, a Hook and Ladder firetruck, the Red Star Stagecoach, and a teacup-style ride. I have slowed the speed a bit and added the projector sound. I especially enjoyed seeing the exotic wildlife such as raccoons and… puppies?


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