Hike#36 – Appalachian Trail from Undermountain Rd to Jug End Rd at Egremont, MA


The Appalachian Trail is a 2,180+ mile long public footpath that traverses the scenic, wooded, pastoral, wild, and culturally resonant lands of the Appalachian Mountains. (Source: https://www.nps.gov)
Undermountain Rd (41.9941, -73.4269) to Jug End Rd (42.1444, -73.4316) is a 16.5 miles point to point A.T. section hike located at Egremont MA. The trail features:

• Lion’s Head – a popular day hike destination for locals hiking the southern Taconic mountains. The rocky ledges of the summit have fantastic views southeast into the town of Salisbury, with Wetauwanchu Mountain behind it. To the east, the Twin Lakes are prominently visible, too.

• Ledge – a rocky ledge on the north ridge of Lion’s Head has some new views northwest to Bald Peak. When the leaves are down, you can also get a nice view north to Bear Mountain, Mt Race, and Mt Everett

• Bear Mountain – the highest peak in Connecticut has a rocky summit, helped out with views by a giant cairn. The views span the valley of Twin Lakes to the east, to the Taconic Range to the north, with a particularly good view of the south slopes of Mounts Race and Everett.

• Sages Ravine – 0.7 miles the AT walks alongside Sawmill Brook through a beautiful, old growth hemlock forest. Sages Ravine is a very popular place for day hikers and backpackers for reasons that are obvious once you reach the ravine.

• Mt Race Ledges – for 0.6 miles walk over more open ledges on Mount Race with spectacular views to the east, south, and north from sheer ledges. There are also a few less open views to the west, looking at Mount Frisell and Ashley. Enjoy the views, but be careful around the cliffs.

• Mt Race – the summit is mostly rocky and open ledge. Views from the summit include a close view of Mount Everett to the north and the valley of Twin Lakes to the southeast. Mount Frissell and Alander Mountain to the west form a close ridge, but beyond them you can see the Catskills. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Greylock to the north, at the far northern end of the state.

• Mount Everett – Reach the summit of Mount Everett after a grueling climb from either direction. This is the highest peak in the Southern Taconic mountains that make the border of Massachusetts and New York. The foundation of the fire tower, long since removed, mark the summit. Most of the summit is tree-covered, but there are some views toward Bear Mountain and Mount Frissell. A better view point is located on a ledge 100 yards east (northbound) from the summit, which has fine views of the Twin Lakes valley to the east.

• Mount Bushnell – partially open and rocky summit. A long ridge at the north end of the South Taconic range. The ledges from the summit have nice views into the valleys to the east, looking over the Housatonic River valley to June Mountain.

• Jug End – a rocky ledge at the north end of Mount Bushnell and has fine views north and east. Mount Greylock is visible on clear days far to the north, and the Housatonic River valley provides a panorama all around Jug End. (Source: Guthook’s AT Guide app)

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