Getaway Review | Tiny Cabin #2 West Catskills, NY


We took another trip over to the Getaway cabin, THIS time we’re in the West Catskills location. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to keep watching if it interests you. We’re talking all about our personal experience at the West location, differences between both (East and West), and towards the end we actually have some funny moments while ‘people watching’ in our cabin.

We had a great experience the second time around. Along with the pros, there were some cons that we spoke about within the video (we wanted to make sure the review was as honest and transparent as possible).

The wonderful folks at getaway, reached out and asked us to write a blog for them during their Valentine’s Day campaign roll-out, and in exchange we were given a free night. We were super happy about that!

In this video we speak more about our trip and individual perspectives, while in a different location upstate NY, versus the first Getaway cabin review (in East Catskills) which provides a detailed tour of the cabin and details regarding the booking and checking out process. Feel free to head over there if it interests you.

Have you been to getaway? Looking to travel there soon? Let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to share details that you might not be completely clear about before booking.

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