Garden Vegetable Soup Recipe | Interview and Cooking with Chef Alicia Odeja


5 DELICIOUS DINNER RECIPES to support your weight loss:

Savory Celery Salad

Serves 4 – 6


chef’s knife

food processor

mesh strainer



2 heads Celery, leaves trimmed and coarsely chopped

1-2 bunches Cilantro, washed, trimmed and coarsely chopped

2 pints Grape Tomatoes, halved or quartered

4 oz Mango-Lime Dressing


1. Processed the celery in a food processor fitted with the “S” blade – pulse chop to reach a rice like texture. Place processed celery a large bowl, or if very wet, in a strainer and allow it to drain.

2. Add dressing and lix well to combine.

3. Add the tomatoes by gently folding them in.

5. Pour the Mango Lime Dressing over the slaw and mix thoroughly. Enjoy!

Mango-Lime Dressing

Serves 4 – 6


4 medium Mango

3-4 Tbsp Lime juice

¼ bunch Cilantro. minced

6 halves dried Mango, soaked apx. 30 min in warm water

1/4 teaspoon ground cumin


1. Using a knife cut the cheeks off the mangos. Scoop the meat into a blender bowl. Remove the peel from the pit section of the mango and squeeze the remaining flesh off the pit.

2. Add lime juice and dried mango and blend till smooth.

3. Add cilantro or other fresh herb as desired

Creamy Garden Vegetable Soup

Yields: 6 cups /3 -16 oz servings


1 medium (8 woz) zucchini ends trimmed & chopped

1 medium (6.5 woz) red bell pepper chopped

1 large roma tomato or 2 medium (8.5 oz) chopped

(when tomatoes are not in season add 1 tsp sun dried tomato

4-6 sprigs basil large stems removed

4 tablespoons lemon juice

2-3 small cloves garlic peeled

1 scallion, end trimmed

4 cups spinach, packed or 8 ounce by weight (170 g)

1 tablespoon + 1 tsp dried oregano

2 celery stalks chopped

pinch black pepper

1 cup water or more as needed

½ medium avocado, chopped, optional or

2 tablespoons seeds of your choice


Place all ingredients except for the avocado, in a high-speed blender and process until smooth.

Add avocado and blend briefly until smooth.

Adjust seasoning to desired taste


Garnish with green leafy sprouts, dulse flakes, or diced veggies of your choice

Serving/Storing Information:

This creamy soup is delicious served chilled, at room
temperature or warmed.

Refrigerated, in an airtight container, soup will keep 3-5 days. Mix well before serving.

Meet Chef Alicia

Passionate about the food, yet playful about the process, Chef Alicia Ojeda makes the art of creating excellent food an amazing experience. Her wildly innovative use of fresh ingredients turns simple raw living foods into soul-satisfying, health-nurturing, taste-surprising works of culinary art.

An accomplished, classically-trained professional, Chef Alicia catapulted into the world of fresh, living foods after a two-week immersion into the world of natural health and eating only raw vegan food. Stunned by her increased energy, feelings of health, and rapid weight loss, this staunch, cooked-food carnivore jumped into the playground of raw, living foods and never looked back.

Raised in a “hearth-centered” home focused on food and celebrations, Chef Alicia used to believe that raw ingredients meant milk, flour and eggs. Now, this accomplished chef lives to create surprisingly delicious gourmet cuisine from truly raw, fresh, living foods. Her love of life and passion for health-building foods reveals itself in her imaginative expression through the culinary arts.

Motivated by a 50+pound weight loss and sustained, all day energy, Chef Alicia leads others in redefining their relationship with food. From her enthusiastic food prep classes and lectures to her professional consultations and her national and international various Cheffing “gigs” Chef Alicia educates new and experienced healthy eaters how to enrich their love affair with health-producing, cooked and raw, living foods.

Chef Alicia’s culinary achievements include: Head Chef at Beets Café, Austin, Tx, Roxanne’s Fine Cuisine R&D/Production Coordinator, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Culinary Programs Director/Executive Chef and Instructor, and for Bon Appetit Management Company, the Executive Chef at DreamWorks Studios, and Chef Manager at Sony Music. Also staff instructor at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts.

Currently Chef Alicia is the Executive Chef at Menla Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains of New York.


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