Kathy Hansen (Guterman)
Live, in Reno in our apartment 2009.
She wanted me to sing this for her mom Nan (Fernanda) in the studio.
So, we recorded her with just vocals in our livingroom so I could learn it and record it with a jazz quartet.
It is without doubt one of the great songs ever written in my opinion and Nan Guterman was a force to be reckoned with.
A Catskill N.Y resident since 1947, Mrs Guterman was not only member but director for the Green County Council on The Arts.
She was also one of the most devoted in the name of charity as anyone you can think of in your life. She was member of the board of the Aging Senior Volunteers programs as well as founder and President of the SPLASH foundation. Music was her passion. Man, was she something.
Nan Guterman started writing musicals in the early 50’s, 11 plays in all, but she produced the first and thereafter a few more at the Catskill High School Stage and all in the community were welcome to audition. Every musical/comedy was a complete hit and of course any and all proceeds went to charitable orgs like The Catskill Boys Club. The Green County Council on The Arts,The Womans League and on and on.
“And So It Ends” Kathy told me was in all 11 plays written produced and orchestrated by Mrs Guterman. She was honored numerous times in her community for her …wonderfulness in every genre’.
She passed Jan 2nd 2000 at the age of 80.
I became even more ill as the time went by so we never got to do the project. Kathy’s vocal on this demo is so pure and real I don’t think it needs anything but to be heard over and over. Kathy Lynn Guterman (Hansen) passed suddenly in her sleep in her room next to mine Nov 16th 2017. She was just 57. She is thee best soul I have ever known and it has always been my honor to start a band and coax her into doing gigs and we wrote some seriously goooood music. The Lynn Wilson Band I formed in late1981 early 82 and got us our first gig at a bar in the San Fernando Valley. The owner didn’t ever have live music so I talked her into it. It was a great gig and ended up with 4 nights a week. We played The Ice House , The Troubador, McCabes,and on and on. Although our desires went in separate directions we were best friends and beyond beyond that for 36 years. For her family and more than anyone For Nan…Like Kathy’s beautiful life…And So It Ends…


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