Daf Yomi Yevamos Daf 118 by R’ Eli Stefansky


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00:00 – Good Morning
00:09 – Where am I?
00:54 – Emails/Picture/Videos
04:02 – Sponsors
05:03 – Amud Beis
09:46 – Amud Aleph
32:58 – Amud Beis

Today’s shiur is sponsored

The Lock and Lebovic families, Lakewood NJ because Torah is the best segula!


Refuah Shilayma for
חנה יוכבד אביה בת שפרה חיה


the MDY Family
Leilu Nishmas Shimshon Weiss – Shimson ben Meshulam Dov z’l


As a zechus for our children to be kadosh, safe, healthy, happy & know השם loves them


ד’ תמוז for the 3rd Yartzeigt of Hirsh Lewitan הרב אליהו שרגא צבי בן חיים דוב by his family


Moshe Sorscher
In blessed memory of my dear brother Josh eliyahu chaim Ben Soraya shalom sorscher

Turning of the daf

Sponsored by
Moshie Horn
in honor of Rabbi Tzvi Medetsky, the only Rebbe that was actually good at basketball…
Nesanel: L’hatzluche Ruchny and gashmy for Murad Nakash, For introducing me to MDY

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