Crystal Springs Resort NJ 2021 | Fun Family Travel During the Pandemic


We’ve been to Crystal Springs Resort NJ twice before: once as a family during summer 2019 (watch here: ) and once for a #momcation in early 2020 just before covid came to town (watch here: ). It’s hands down one of the best family getaways from NYC if you ask me, of course amazing for couples and friends, too!!

We absolutely LOVE this super family friendly resort so were thrilled to be invited back to showcase what they’ve got going on this winter for travel with kids and the safety measures they’ve been taking, because yes, family travel during the pandemic CAN happen, you just have to be safe about it, and Crystal Springs is helping their guests be safe while making amazing memories!!

Some of the highlights included:
– first time ice skating (outdoors on Glice – synthetic ice; omg our kids ice skating was absolutely hilarious!!!)
– swimming in the Biosphere tropical indoor pool and outdoor “snow pools”
– exotic animals show (petting a hedgehog, holding a HUGE burmese python, seeing a tarantula and baby alligator, petting a chinchilla,
– seeing our first ever outdoor NJ igloo dining / NJ bubble dining aka “Champagne Chalets” – SO cool!!!
– lounging in our FABULOUS updated Grand Cascades Lodge suite with adjoining rooms and living room / kitchen / balcony!!
– dinner buffet pandemic style (done BRILLIANTLY with servers and food behind shields) and a magic show
– all the food actually, SO SO SO good!!! From the buffet to Crystal Tavern to Kites Restaurant at Mineral Springs!!
– and I can’t leave out snow tubing at Mountain Creek (see that video here: )

Have you and your family been traveling during the Pandemic? Have you been to this amazing New Jersey resort before? Have some other family travel during the pandemic / pandemic-safe family vacation ideas? Great pandemic-safe things to do in NJ for NJ kids and beyond? Share your thoughts with us over in the Community tab!


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