Conserving Hemlocks Webinar 3 10 21


Hemlock trees are a foundation species that provide vital eco-services that support people and nature. Hemlock woolly adelgid is an invasive forest pest that has devastated forests across the east coast and is threatening forests throughout New York State. Unfortunately, it is impossible to save every hemlock tree in our forests; therefore, developing a strategy to determine what hemlock stands will be treated will be a necessary step for hemlock conservation across the state.

The Hemlock Initiative has developed a decision guidance tool that generates a ranking system to help forest owners & conservation managers prioritize their hemlock stands to make an informed decision on where to focus their hemlock conservation efforts. This webinar demonstrates how to use the Hemlock Initiative’s Prioritization tool to conserve your hemlock forests. Partners who have used this tool to prioritize their hemlock stands will share their experience, and there will be an open discussion for regional and state-wide organizations to share what they are doing now to manage or prepare for hemlock woolly adelgid.


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