Clash Royale Update Patch Notes for Today (June 30)


Clash Royale players can optionally update their games to the latest version that was released earlier today. The new patch fixes a number of crashes and bugs, making the overall experience smoother than ever.

Supercell just shared a new tweet, revealing that an optional update has hit Google Play and App Store today. While you can ignore this patch, we suggest you update your game to the latest version if you have already experienced any weird bugs or crashes in the game.

Below, you can check out the full list of patch notes for today’s Clash Royale update:

  • Fix for the crash some users experienced when attempting to edit the badges on their Battle Banner.
  • Fix for a rare crash at the end of a Touchdown round.
  • Fix for some clans not progressing to the next war week.

If you haven’t faced any of the issues above, then you probably don’t need to update your game to the latest version. However, the fixes above will be included in the next mandatory patch for Clash Royale, so, one way or another, you will get the fixes above eventually.

Prior to today’s patch, Supercell recently launched a brand new major update for Clash Royale, changing the game’s UI a little bit and adding the Banner Box as a new type of loot for customizing your player banner.

Currently, there is a special Banner-themed event in Clash Royale, and if you manage to win all 8 games of the challenge, you will be able to unlock a new Banner Box.

Aside from customizing your banner, you can also decide on how to show off your achievements and badges. Currently, there are many choices for Banners, but the game will surely receive new options and new banner designs in the upcoming seasons.

The Season of Bone Pit has been live for almost a month now and the new season is expected to be available in a week as we step into July 2022 soon. So, make sure to play more games, earn more crowns, and complete your Pass Royale rewards of the season before you lose them.

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