Cities: Skylines radio commercials


Here are all the commercials that play on the Cities: Skylines radio stations.

There are 27 commercials total, advertising the following products:
*Andy’s Bowling: Now with Friday Night Chili
*At the Old Grain Mill: Don’t confuse with the abandoned grain facility at the edge of town.
*Aukio Phones: Mobile phone company
*Bannhammer Bank: A totally legal high interest bank
*Big Bite Burgers and Fries
*Burned Bean Coffee
*Colossal Ore: A mining company
*Dinersaurus: A restaurant with dinosaur animatronic servers
*Dino Oil
*Drome Cinema
*Fault Tec Cameras: Biggest cameras on the market
*Final Insurance
*Fish Brothers: Bring your own fish!
*Forest Foundation: Text Dirty Birdy to 3030 to donate a bird bath
*Horse Economy: The hit equine economic simulator
*Jimmy and Stallion: A morning radio show with Jimmy and Clover the horse.
*Jubilee Dementia: Test drive one today! Just ignore the safety record
*Law Accountant: A lawyer-accountant (legally barred from providing legal advice)
*Meaty Bits: A meat supplier
*Money For Nothing: Want money? Just ask Money For Nothing!
*Pernu Apparel: The second best fashion from Milan
*Pop Soda:
*Square Package: A documentary about the first box
*Steel Frame Sports: A sporting goods company owned by a short-fingered, New York accented tycoon named Greg.
*Stern Berger: A luxury car that can also carry livestock
*Yakisoba: A noodle for every occasion
*City Zoo

All of these commercials are pretty much G-Rated versions of the commercials you hear in Grand Theft Auto. You can also find most of these products on the sides of commercial buildings.

Cities: Skylines radio commentary playlist:


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