Choosing a Dress for a Black Tie Event


It’s time to get sophisticated and elegant and prepare for a black-tie event, and you need a dress. But, where do you begin? Well, let us first explain what a black-tie event means precisely.

In your mind, you probably imagine a fancy Hollywood party, a gala, or some type of event that is top-tier and full of sophisticated people and attire. But in reality, it’s actually just an event that starts after 6 PM and requires formal attire.

So really, a black-tie event can be a wedding, a dinner party, a charity ball, and yes, even those fancy Hollywood parties and galas we mentioned (of course)!

Black Tie Dress Code

As you can already tell, you most likely need to dress formally. The modern black-tie dress code can be dated back to the mid-19th century. King Edward VII commissioned his friend Henry Poole to make a short jacket absent of tails to wear to formal dinner parties. The jacket’s comfort led to its popularity amongst the wealthy in Europe.

Today, it’s not the ‘strictest of codes’ that would be white-tie. Black-tie gives you more wiggle room on formal options like a traditional tuxedo or dinner jacket outfit for men and a cocktail or ball gown for the ladies. Of course, as a dress shop, we focus on how to pick the perfect dress for a black-tie event.

Considerations To Keep In Mind

Getting that ‘black-tie’ invite may take you by surprise. But, don’t worry, NewYorkDress offers a full collection of dresses that fit black-tie events. Don’t stress about what you’re going to wear or what you should wear. We will tell you. First, let’s go over the considerations you need to keep in mind when selecting that amazing gown.

Location: The location is a good indicator of what the event will be like. If the event is at a banquet hall down the street, perhaps it’s not as formal as you think. But, if it’s at a 150-year old historic building, it may be fancier. Location will give you an indication of what you may expect. However, don’t always count on this factor. Just because it’s at a banquet center doesn’t mean it’s not ‘top-tier fancy.’

Event Type: I’d be shocked if a black-tie invite didn’t explain the type of event, or at the least, you didn’t know what it was for. Invites give you an indication if it’s a wedding, a gala, a charity event, etc. If you are supplied with a guest list or know of anyone else going, you can often determine what type of event it is and know how formal to dress.

Indoor or Outdoor: Regardless of the formal level, the season can give you a great idea of what to wear. For example, if this black-tie event is outside in July, you most likely won’t wear a floor-length ball gown. A cocktail dress would be a better move or a floor-length dress that is satin and has movement.

Date Coordination: Having a date for a black-tie event makes your dress choice so much more manageable. So you can go as formal as you’d like or semi-formal with a nice touch! You both can coordinate a look together, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Best Black Tie Gowns

There is much to be said about femininity. Women are truly amazing creatures, from pajamas to ball gowns; there is something about them to emits beauty in all situations. New York Dress not only appreciates the feminine form but also provides a variety of dresses to fit flawlessly on every body type.

So, why not take a chance at a black-tie event and stand out. Show your style, what color looks best on you, your favorite type of gown (as long as you’re sticking to the dress code provided). Women have a little more freedom compared to men when it comes to a black-tie dress code. There are so many elegant dresses in every style: short, long, ball gown, A-line, high-low, you name it!

While most ladies will choose to wear a floor-length dress to a black-tie event, it’s okay not to with the number of elegant dress options nowadays. Two pieces and formal jumpsuits have become increasingly more in style in 2021 and are even okay to wear now at a black-tie event!

Silhouettes on dresses also play an important role and help you choose a fancier dress for this formal event. In fashion, silhouette refers to the line of a dress or the garment’s overall shape. You can use a silhouette to emphasize or even alter your body shape to create a flattering illusion. Some silhouettes in dresses are designed even to meet dress codes.

As long as it’s not a wedding, you’re welcome to any color dress, besides white. Also, keep in mind what the bridesmaids may be wearing, and don’t use that color either. Don’t be afraid to wear black either at a wedding or other black-tie event! People tend to think it’s not appropriate. But, in reality, black is always elegant and classy. The same thing goes for the color red. As long as the gown/dress is not taking attention from the bride or event, you’re okay.

Final Words

While it may sound like there are many ‘do’s and don’ts’ of black-tie dress shopping, overall,  you’re open to tons of options as long as you look good and feel good. Are you going to show up in a basic summer flower dress? No, you probably shouldn’t. Think of how it felt to go to prom back when you were in high school. Translate it to today’s style, and you’ll be magnificent in whatever dress or gown you choose to wear at the black-tie event.

Keep in mind our considerations and advice, and no one will judge you for what you wear! Shop our current trends for black-tie attire, and we promise you’ll look amazing in whatever you choose! Happy dress shopping from us here at NewYorkDress.

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