Celebrating VirtualTrax Programs at Youth Clubhouses + Youth Agencies across NYS


Road Recovery, an entertainment industry-driven non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth, has partnered with Gov. Cuomo’s New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supporters (OASAS) to provide statewide VirtualTrax Programs during the Covid-19 pandemic for at-risk youth and youth in recovery engaged with Youth Clubhouses overseen by OASAS. Road Recovery’s action-driven VirtualTrax Program was created to meet the needs of our amazing youth and young adults who have found themselves stuck in isolation and cut off from their support networks. VirtualTrax combines key program elements, goals and benefits from Road Recovery’s long-running Trax Programs that encompass an integrated program model, recognized by the University of Pennsylvania’s Treatment Research Institute, and awarded by The Freedom Institute and National Council for Behavioral Health.

During this Covid-19 pandemic when our youth are at higher risk of alcohol/substance abuse and risky behavior, Road Recovery developed mitigating strategies by partnering with World Wide Technology to build a customized Cisco Webex platform with end-to-end encrypted security for virtual webcasting suites. Through this crisis, Road Recovery has been able to ‘stay connected’ each week with youth through multiple virtual peer support ‘check-in’ meetings and creative workshops that provide educational and enriching teaching moments for youth that engage VirtualTrax Programs. Road Recovery’s staff and youth collaborate in a positive way through the process of creating, planning, and producing a series of short video clips, and by achieving specific weekly creative goals, everyone involved is proud to share their creative work and voices across social media platforms that are amplified through the circularity of promotion from the online platforms of Road Recovery and Youth Clubhouses.

VirtualTrax is tailored to meet the needs and goals set by each hosting organization and is built upon a working partnership between each Youth Clubhouse’s staff and Road Recovery’s entertainment industry professionals who share their life experiences, knowledge, and resources with youth and young adults. Road Recovery provides multi-week, seasonal cycles of VirtualTrax to reach set goals and objectives. In order to meet the needs and goals set by each Youth Clubhouse, Road Recovery works closely with their staff who provide multi-level adult support and virtual supervision.

What Road Recovery has learned is to meet young people where they are at. For some young people, coming together in a virtual space is fun as you can experience in this video, but for others, working in small online groups, one-on-one, or individually offline with staff they know and trust creates a safe environment for participation.

VirtualTrax Program Participating Youth Clubhouses and youth-serving agencies:

Creative Connections Clubhouse – Amsterdam, NY
Oneonta Teen Center – Oneonta, NY
Club Odyssey – Oneonta, NY
Youth Clubhouse for Columbia-Greene Counties – Hudson, NY
Youth Clubhouse for Columbia-Greene Clubhouse – Catskill, NY
Ronthahiiohsthà:ke A/CDP Clubhouse with Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe – Akwasasne, NY
The LGBT Center – New York, NY
Elmcor Youth Center – Queens, NY
Yonkers YMCA Youth Recovery Clubhouse – Yonkers, NY
BronxConnect-Release The Grip – The Bronx, NY
Road Recovery Trax Program – New York, NY

Please Note: Road Recovery provides educational/performance workshops and peer support. Road Recovery and its Trax Programs do not provide medical care or maintain protected health information for its participants.



Video produced by Static is Noise Productions and Fun Palace Entertainment


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