Catskill Wild Brown Trout – West branch of the Delaware River BIGGINS! (We Beat the SKUNK!)


Throwing big jerkbaits for browns has its challenges, one of which being that we are seeking out the biggest, most badass fish that are feeding on baitfish and even other brown trout! These browns are the top predators in the river and are super selective in regards to what they will bite. This aspect makes it more like pike or musky fishing than trout fishing in my opinion. A lot goes into getting one of these browns to commit to biting, not to mention we are fishing all new water in this episode and don’t know the “good vs bad” spots yet. We learned alot throughout this mission and I hope you guys did too! I tried to share a few tips for spring-time brown trout fishing along the way as we persevered through the challenging bite. You ask, did we get them? The world may never know, unless you watch the video lol. Its more about the experience than catching fish sometimes and this trip definitely proved that to me yet again. I had a great time fishing out there with my good friend Eric, we were able to get on a sick adventure, and didn’t give up, even when the bite was good! Interestingly enough, conditions this day we fished were better than they were in the first video! Higher flows, overcast skies, and cooler water temps?! Doesn’t make much sense, but when will fishing make total sense? If it did, we would have probably all found another hobby. Its the challenge and the send that makes it exciting!

Lots more coming this summer. Trying to amp up the video quality and make these vids as good as possible. Please feel free to let me know what you think and how I could make the videos better/ what you want to see more of!

Tight lines out there!

Rod Combos – St. Croix trout series 6ft ultralight with a Shimano Sahara 1000 Reel
St Croix Triumph travel rod – 6,6 – medium with a Pflueger President Reel

Conditions Overcast skies – 64 degree air temps
50-56 degree water temps (Throughout the day)


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