Catskill NY 2021 | Popular Areas | A Drive Through Tour [4k]


Catskill is a town in the southeast part of Greene County, New York, United States. The population was 11,775 at the 2010 census. The western part of the town is in Catskill Park. The town contains a village, also called Catskill. The village of Catskill has a well-defined Main Street. There is a public boat launch on the Hudson River called Dutchman’s Landing.
The area of the town was purchased from the natives in 1678, and settlement followed. The town was established on March 7, 1788, as part of Albany County. When Greene County was formed on March 25, 1800, Catskill became part of the new county. The town was increased by an addition from the town of Woodstock in 1800 but was later decreased upon the formation of the towns of Cairo (1803) and Athens (1815). Catskill is also the location of the story “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving.

0:00 – Right Turn On 9W headed into Catskill
2:25 – Grandview Blvd (Right Turn)
4:10 – W Main St. (Left Turn Round About)
5:45 – W Bridge St. (Left Turn)
7:44 – W Bridge St. (U-Turn)
9:20 – W Main St. (Left Turn)
10:10 – W Main St. (U-Turn by Catskill Middle School)
11:00 – Back onto W Bridge St. (Left Turn)
11:30 – Main St. (Right Turn)
13:40 – Historic Catskill Point (Left Turn into Park)
15:45 – Back onto Main St. (Right Turn)
18:20 – Church St. (Left Turn)
18:35 – Water St. (Left Turn)
19:30 – Bridge St. (Left Turn)
20:00 – Back onto Main St. (Left Turn)
21:57 – Allen St. (Right Turn)
22:25 – 9W (Left Turn)
23:02 – W Bridge St. (Left Turn)
23:15 – W Bridge St. (U-Turn)
23:35 – Back onto 9W
24:00 – Transitioning over to Main St Continued onto Jefferson Heights
26:55 – Underpass for Route 23
27:25 – Exit 21 Thruway on the right
27:55 – Stewarts Parking Lot

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