Catskill Aqueduct – An Underground Marvel


This video was even more work than the last one so I was happy it was done within a week.. Lots of research and lots of driving so I hope you like it. Also please subscribe for part 3 where I head west to look at the big boy reservoirs, Pepaton and Cannonsville.

Apologies for a lot of gray, dreary shots. The weather around here has not been very nice lately, I will certainly try to go out on more sunny days in upcoming videos. Apologies as well for some audio issues. My editing software is basic so I’m not able to adjust things as much as I would like. Apologies #3 for misspelling Schoharie in the beginning credits. I triple checked for types and still missed it.

There is so much I couldn’t get to in this video. Seriously the Catskill Aqueduct and everything that surrounds it is such a massive piece of infrastructure you could spend weeks reading about its history and engineering. I’ve including links below if you are interested in much more in depth reading:

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