Bitcoin launches on the NYSE; first day of trading nearing its record high


비트코인, ETF 출범 등에 업고 사상최고 경신 노려

Bitcoin prices rallied today, coming within a single percentage point of reaching its all-time high set early this year.
Its launch on the New York Stock Exchange and the success of its first day of trading is perceived to signal legitimacy for the cryptocurrency.
Lee Eun-jin has the details.
On Tuesday, local time, ProShares launched its bitcoin futures ETF on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “B-I-T-O.” The first U.S. Bitcoin futures-based ETF closed up 4.85% at $41.89 US dollars in its first day of trading, making its debut with a ranking only behind a BlackRock carbon fund.
Marking a fast start, B-I-T-O showed an intra-day trading volume of more than $625 million U.S. dollars.

The trading volume for the ProShares ETF B-I-T-O topped $1 billion on its first day, with its trading volume at 24.1 million shares after the close of U.S. stock markets on Tuesday. Bitcoin made a run to just under April’s record high of almost $64,900 U.S. dollars, taking the cryptocurrency’s price to $64,367 dollars. On Wednesday, options on B-I-T-O are set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange Options markets.

There are further applications for futures-based bitcoin ETFs lined up as well as moves to convert the world’s biggest bitcoin fund, ticker G-B-T-C, into an ETF…
The greenlighting of the ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was seen as a turning point for cryptocurrencies.
Whether bitcoin will ultimately survive government regulation needs to be watched, but speculators have started anticipating a swap of gold for bitcoin.
Lee Eunjin, Arirang News.

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2021-10-20, 12:00 (KST)


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