Barn Fight – Road Music – Catskill, NY


Road Music: A series in which I travel and make music/videos from an RV.

Chapter Three: Catskill

I made this song while staying at Brookside Campground just outside town.

‘The gnawing anxiety is a sign that you’re still alive, and that you haven’t given up.’

I wrote that in my journal before I started recording, and something about it seemed poignant at the time. I’m sure it’s been said before in a more eloquent way, but there’s something useful about the idea I think.

In between music work, Henry and I went on a long run and passed through a field behind a chicken-egg farm. Rows of windowless chicken sheds sat innocuously with that unique poultry smell hanging thick in the air. Out in the field were mounds of dirt, and above them huge birds circled in the air. Maybe the biggest vultures I’ve ever seen.

Other types of large birds were there too, gathered in a strange menagerie. They scattered as Henry ran up in his inquisitive downhill pitbull-type way. Walking past the mounds of dirt I noticed they were filled with chicken bones and talons. Packed tight in the soil as they were in the shed; from food producers to food themselves.

The giant scavengers soared above us, casting shadows as we surveyed the grisly scene for a few moments before heading on.

After getting back to the RV I did some laundry with a bucket on the picnic table, and then we headed into town to walk a bit. Village Pizza II does a damn good slice, by the way.

I don’t understand people that don’t put oregano and crushed red pepper on their pizza. Like..y’all hate flavor or what’s goin on here? It’s important to get ‘em on the slices right out of the oven too. So they can all dance in the heat together.

Like chicken bones in a pile of summer dirt..

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