Alen Palander Talks Background, Power of Social Media, Palander Studios, Influencer Marketing & More


Host Brady Carducci sits down with Toronto based creative director, photographer and YouTuber Alen Palander for an exclusive interview. They discuss Alen’s early beginnings in photography, immigrating to Canada from Iraq, the power of social media, his production company Palander Studios Inc., the future of influencer marketing and content creation, connecting with your audience online and much more. Not only do we dive into a discussion about these topics but we also share valuable advice that can help aspiring photographers and creatives from Canada and abroad take their career to the next level.

0:00 – Intro
2:40 – Immigrating to Canada from Iraq
6:48 – Path into photography
10:52 – Confidence/doubt going down a new career path
16:13 – Growing personal social media following online
19:59 – Monetizing your audience
23:37 – Separating yourself amongst the crowd
25:20 – Providing value through YouTube
28:56 – Addictive nature of social media and mental health
32:48 – Escaping to Italy/favourite destinations
33:40 – What to look for when a brand approaches you
36:46 – Working with brands to execute the creative vision
39:07 – Palander Studios
42:09 – Importance of having a solid team around you
43:56 – Lessons learned while creating Palander Studios
52:28 – Social media links shout out
53:30 – Rapid Fire Question Game

Guest – Alen Palander
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Producer: Jesse Carducci, Brady Carducci, Daniel De Mediros, Mike Upfold @officialupfold
Director of Photography: Daniel De Medeiros – @danieldemedeiros
Editor: Daniel De Medeiros
Audio & Music: Jesse Carducci – @jessecarducci
Host: Brady Carducci – @bradycarducci

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