Approaching Nirvana welcomes ‘Better Days’ with emotive new EP

Approaching Nirvana welcomes ‘Better Days’ with emotive new EPApporaaching Nirvana

Approaching Nirvana, the moniker of Andrew Sinclair, has unleashed his latest EP “Better Days,” a five-track journey through lush, melodic, and uptempo electronic landscapes. This release marks a significant moment for the young talent, blending his signature sound with fresh, innovative spins.

The EP kicks off with the previously released single “Modern Dystopia,” a cerebral yet danceable track that diverges from Approaching Nirvana’s typical style. Its ricocheting synths and hypnotic robotic vocals set a pensive tone, embodying the track’s titular theme.

Vocal collaborations add depth to the EP, with “The Outside” featuring Hayes and the jubilant anthem “I Don’t Work That Way” showcasing Kate McGill’s enchanting voice. These tracks demonstrate Approaching Nirvana’s versatility, seamlessly blending vocals with his lush, arena-ready production.

The title track “Better Days” serves as the EP’s emotional core, an uplifting instrumental that symbolically closes the collection with a promise of brighter horizons. Andrew reflects on the EP’s theme: “Generally, I feel that this EP is about working through tough times and pushing towards better days. I feel that general sentiment to my core in the last few months as I’ve made the push towards the finish line with this EP despite going through some hard times.”

As 2024 unfolds, “Better Days” represents just the beginning of a new creative chapter for Approaching Nirvana. Fans can anticipate more innovative sounds and textures from this constantly evolving artist, as he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music.


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