Open Campus Launches Codex Hackathon Series with $1M Prizes to Boost EDU Chain Ecosystem

Open Campus Launches Codex Hackathon Series with $1M Prizes to Boost EDU Chain Ecosystem

Open Campus, the decentralized education protocol backed by various launch partners including Animoca Brands, has announced the Codex Hackathon Series. This initiative features US$1 million worth of EDU tokens in prizes, aiming to encourage developers to build decentralized applications (dapps) on EDU Chain, the first blockchain purpose-built for education.

Codex Hackathon Series Structure

The Codex Hackathon Series is divided into three semesters, each with a distinct focus to progressively build a comprehensive decentralized educational ecosystem on blockchain:

  • Semester 1 (July 8 – August 14, 2024): Focuses on DeFi and infrastructure applications to establish the financial foundation of the ecosystem.
  • Semester 2 (Q3 2024): Concentrates on developing learning dapps designed to enhance educational opportunities for students.
  • Semester 3 (Q1 2025): Targets education finance dapps and applications leveraging on-chain credentials to enable students to access various earning opportunities.

Partnerships and Opportunities

The Codex Hackathon Series is co-hosted by DoraHacks and will run on the DoraHacks Hackathon Platform, the world’s largest multi-chain developer incentive platform. The event aims to attract a wide audience, including over 20 million addressable learners from the Open Campus partner network.

Prominent sponsors for the series include Animoca Brands, TinyTap, ForbesWeb3, ApeCoin, HackQuest, and Rise-In. Besides competing for prizes, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talent to leading Web3 companies.

Additional Benefits for Participants

Winning projects will gain entry into a special developers cohort of the Open Campus accelerator program. This platform provides various forms of support, including funding, legal and compliance assistance, marketing, and developer support. Furthermore, event winners will be featured in ForbesWeb3, highlighting their innovative contributions to the EDU Chain ecosystem.

Developers completing the accelerator cohort will also have the chance to apply for additional funding, further incentivizing impactful and innovative contributions to the field of education.

Key Statements

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands and a member of the EDU Foundation Council, stated, “The Codex Hackathon Series is a prime opportunity for developers looking to disrupt the field of education. Boasting an array of builders, tools, and prizes and funding, the Codex Hackathon is designed to incentivize impact and innovation in education through the features of the decentralized EDU Chain network.”

About Open Campus

Open Campus is a community-led protocol for educators, content creators, parents, and students. It aims to decentralize decision-making in education, allowing teachers to tailor materials to student needs while recognizing and rewarding effective educators globally.

For more details, visit the official announcement by Animoca Brands.

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