ElevenLabs Brings Iconic Voices to Life with New Reader App

ElevenLabs Brings Iconic Voices to Life with New Reader App

In a groundbreaking move, ElevenLabs has partnered with the estates of legendary stars Judy Garland, James Dean, Burt Reynolds, and Sir Laurence Olivier to bring their iconic voices to the company’s innovative Reader App. The announcement, made on July 2, 2024, reveals that users can now listen to digital texts narrated by these celebrated voices.

Revolutionizing Digital Text Narration

ElevenLabs’ new Reader App allows users to listen to any digital text, including articles, PDFs, ePubs, newsletters, and e-books, on-the-go. The app transforms written content into emotionally rich, context-aware voiceovers, providing a unique and immersive experience. These iconic voices are available exclusively for individual streaming and are not part of ElevenLabs’ broader Voice Library for content creation.

Partnership with Iconic Estates

The collaboration with the estates of the late stars has been met with enthusiasm. Liza Minnelli, daughter of Judy Garland and representative of the Garland Estate, expressed her excitement: “It’s exciting to see our mother’s voice available to the countless millions of people who love her. Through the spectacular new technology offered by ElevenLabs, our family believes that this will bring new fans to Mama, and be exciting to those who already cherish the unparalleled legacy that Mama gave and continues to give to the world.”

Similarly, Tina Xavie, Chief Marketing Officer of CMG Worldwide, the management firm for these iconic estates, stated: “As someone who has had the privilege of representing iconic figures throughout history for decades, I am incredibly excited about our partnership with ElevenLabs. We appreciate their thoughtful approach in working with talent in the right way. We are excited by the new opportunities they are providing our clients and look forward to more to come.”

Expanding the Reach of Iconic Voices

Dustin Blank, Head of Partnerships at ElevenLabs, highlighted the significance of this development: “Judy Garland, James Dean, Burt Reynolds, and Sir Laurence Olivier are some of the most celebrated actors in history. We deeply respect their legacy and are honored to have their voices as part of our platform. Adding them to our growing list of narrators marks a major step forward in our mission of making content accessible in any language and voice.”

This initiative allows fans to experience classic literature in a whole new way. For instance, users can listen to L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz narrated by Judy Garland or enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories voiced by Sir Laurence Olivier.

Future Prospects

ElevenLabs aims to continue expanding its library of voices, bringing more legendary talent to the platform. This endeavor marks a significant milestone in their mission to make content accessible and engaging for a global audience.

For more information, visit the official ElevenLabs Blog.

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