Circle Enhances Web3 Services with Solana Support and New Developer Tools

Circle Enhances Web3 Services with Solana Support and New Developer Tools

Circle has announced a series of significant updates to its Web3 services, aimed at enhancing support for developers building on its platform. These updates include the integration of the Solana (SOL) blockchain with Programmable Wallets, the introduction of a new Smart Contract API, and the launch of the Circle Credits Program, according to

Programmable Wallets Now Support Solana

Circle’s Programmable Wallets now support the Solana blockchain, broadening the scope for developers to embed secure, multi-chain wallets in their applications. This integration abstracts away technical complexities such as managing private keys, node infrastructure, transaction fees, onboarding, and authentication flows. Initially, the API support will focus on fungible token transfers and the ability to sponsor transaction fees on behalf of end users. Future updates are expected to include support for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and program interactions through Circle’s Smart Contract Platform.

Smart Contract Platform API Update

Circle has announced the deprecation of its existing read contract API endpoint, which will be replaced by a new contract query API endpoint on September 30, 2024. This new endpoint aims to improve the developer experience by allowing direct querying by blockchain and address, eliminating the need for importing or deploying the smart contract before the query. Developers currently using the read contract endpoint are advised to migrate their applications to the new endpoint before the deadline.

Expanding Wallet Services to More Blockchains

The Wallet Signing Service, Circle’s enterprise-grade solution, is designed to bring secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallets to new blockchains using familiar APIs and SDKs. This service integrates seamlessly with the blockchain infrastructure used for node and data management, simplifying the launch of secure on-chain applications. Key features include creating secure wallets, onboarding and authenticating users, signing transactions and messages securely, managing private keys with MPC technology, and accelerating development timelines with APIs that can be used across multiple chains.

Circle Credits Program

Circle has also introduced the Circle Credits Program, aimed at providing developers with credits to subsidize their Web3 Services bills. These credits can be used to pay for Programmable Wallets monthly fees, Smart Contract Platform API calls, and Gas Station network and platform fees. Developers are encouraged to apply for the Circle Credits Program to take advantage of these benefits.

These updates reflect Circle’s ongoing commitment to supporting the developer community and enhancing the functionality of its Web3 services. For additional details, developers can refer to the Circle Developer terms of service.

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