Cronos (CRO) Unveils zkEVM Pioneer Program to Reward Active Community Participation

Cronos (CRO) Unveils zkEVM Pioneer Program to Reward Active Community Participation

In a strategic move to foster community engagement and bolster its ecosystem, Cronos (CRO) has announced the launch of its zkEVM Pioneer Program. According to Cronos, this initiative allows users to earn points by completing various quests on the network’s testnet, with future opportunities to claim these points for extra yield from participating decentralized applications (dapps).

Introducing the Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program

The Cronos ecosystem, in collaboration with engineering teams from Matter Labs (the team behind zkSync),, VVS Finance, Fulcrom Finance, and Veno Finance, is developing the next-generation blockchain network called Cronos zkEVM. Since early June 2024, users have had the opportunity to complete quests on the network’s testnet, earning points that can be redeemed for rewards in the future.

The program aims to incentivize user participation by offering points that can be claimed from participating dapps to earn additional yield when using the Cronos zkEVM network. More quests and a point tracking webpage will be announced in the coming days and weeks.

What is Cronos zkEVM?

Cronos zkEVM is designed to be a high-performance blockchain network, integrated within the ZK Chain ecosystem powered by zkSync’s technology. It connects to the Ethereum Mainnet via a shared bridge, leveraging Ethereum’s security and user base while incorporating zkSync’s features for secure and efficient cross-chain interactions.

As part of the broader Cronos ecosystem, Cronos zkEVM works in conjunction with the Cronos EVM blockchain and the Cronos POS Chain. This new chain aims to address high-throughput DeFi use cases and will host yield-bearing tokens powered by Veno Finance, such as zkCRO, vETH, and vUSD. This approach allows users to access staking yields and stablecoin savings yields while participating in DeFi protocols.

Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program: The Vision

The Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program is designed to reward dedicated community members for their involvement and active participation in the Cronos zkEVM chain and dapps. The program’s goal is to provide a rewarding experience while fostering the growth and success of the Cronos zkEVM ecosystem.

Guiding Principles

The Pioneer Program is built on four main principles:

  • Cronos-aligned: Recognizing substantial contributions to the Cronos zkEVM network and potentially the broader Cronos, Ethereum, and ZK ecosystems.
  • Early support: Rewarding early supporters, particularly those involved in testnet activities and early mainnet stages.
  • Broad distribution: Offering a diverse range of activities across the Cronos zkEVM and various dapps to ensure wide accessibility.
  • Transparency: Listing eligible tasks on a dedicated webpage to create a level playing field and foster trust.

Types of Point-Earning Activities

Participants can earn points through three main activities:

  1. Amplify the community’s reach on social media: Participating in community and social quests.
  2. Use the Cronos zkEVM testnet: Active participation in the Tethys Testnet quests on Galxe.
  3. Use Cronos zkEVM Mainnet and dapps: Interacting with dapps on the Cronos zkEVM mainnet.

In the future, users will be able to claim their points for extra yield in participating dapps, with rewards potentially distributed in zkCRO and respective dapp tokens.

What’s Next?

The point-earning activities are not live yet, but updates are expected soon. The next quest, called Cronos zkEVM Passage, is anticipated to launch shortly, encouraging users to bridge their CRO on the Ethereum Mainnet for greater rewards.

The global crypto community will be watching these developments closely, as Cronos seeks to shape the future of its ecosystem with active community participation.

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