Cronos (CRO) Introduces zkEVM and Expands Ecosystem Initiatives

Cronos (CRO) Introduces zkEVM and Expands Ecosystem Initiatives

In a significant development, Cronos (CRO) has unveiled its latest blockchain innovation, the Cronos zkEVM, which integrates zkSync technology to enhance security and efficiency in cross-chain interactions. The new zkEVM will be connected to the Ethereum mainnet through a shared bridge, according to Cronos.

zkEVM Testnet and Community Engagement

Following the launch of the Cronos zkEVM Tethys testnet, Cronos initiated a series of testnet quests on Galxe, which concluded on June 30. The community engagement activities are set to continue with the announcement of loyalty scores through the “Cronos zkEVM Pioneer Program,” CRO deposits before the mainnet transition, and mainnet quests.

Veno Finance and Ebisu’s Bay Updates

Veno Finance has launched a new event celebrating the release of Liquid TIA staking on the Cronos chain. Users who stake at least $10 worth of TIA and complete Gleam event tasks can participate, with the event running until July 8.

Meanwhile, Ebisu’s Bay has airdropped 600,000 RTN tokens to its initial DEX users and started an event rewarding rare NFTs to airdrop recipients and LP providers.

Wolfswap and Earn Network Announcements

Wolfswap concluded its fourth reward campaign season, showcasing impressive statistics with an average of 420 daily users and a total trading volume of $22 million. Season 5 is scheduled to kick off on June 24.

Earn Network has also expanded its product offerings on the Cronos EVM blockchain, announcing upcoming news and developments.

Additional Ecosystem Updates

Minted Network, in collaboration with Earn Network, announced “the Golden Tree of Fortune.” LILLIUS introduced LILLI NFT, offering exclusive access and $LLT token rewards. CroSkull NFT began its Season 8 adventure for Croskulls staking.

New America NFT is nearing the early playtest for its Web3 game HyperCity, scheduled for July. Mad Meerkat NFT plans to release a new mini-game, Jumpy Meerkat, next month and continues its Mad Meerkat Arena community challenge.

Cr00ts is preparing for the launch of version 3.0, which includes new play styles, animations, maps, and characters from partner projects. Corgi Studio has enhanced its launchpad features in Cronos’s Creator Lounge, while FuryBrawl is integrating AI and 3D characters into its Web3 game on Cronos EVM.

LOAF and Other Project Initiatives

LOAF introduced several initiatives, including the release of the ToastOff game, a $500 LOAF token giveaway event, and weekly $200 LOAF rewards for active users. The community engagement aims to boost participation and rewards within the LOAF ecosystem.

Crow with Knife (CAW) partnered with Wolfswap, directing half of Wolfswap’s trading fees during a specific period to CAW’s treasury. Misteryoncro (MERY) launched an educational blog with memesoncronos and announced support from KyberNetwork.

Fortune Favors The Bozos now allows users to purchase NFTs from over 30 collections using tokens.

Further Developments

Cronos has onboarded Exaion, a subsidiary of Europe’s largest power group EDF, as the latest blockchain network validator. Additionally, the Cronos Accelerator program highlighted its latest cohort’s demo day, providing valuable insights to users and startup founders.

For those interested in featuring giveaway campaigns or product launches in the monthly newsletter, Cronos Labs can be contacted.

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